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Audio production


The translation of audio and video recordings, subtitle translation and dubbing of movies has its permanent place on the Slovak and Czech market. Our company will provide you with these services in a professional studio. The voices, that you choose among the experts in the radio and television branch, are the steady standard.

The translation from or into a foreign language is provided by an expert and a marketing specialist subsequently modifies it and consults it further. By profesional correction of texts within translation the surplus information can be discharged and professional formulations can be clarified or simplified. There must be a careful approach taken to the translation of audio and video recordings to avoid a loss of important information or the nature of dialogue at dubbing.

The price of translations of audio and video presentations, dubbing movies and editing subtitles is impacted the most by:

  • the amount of spoken words in audio and video recording,
  • the number of required voices,
  • the price of dubbing is greater by multiple folds than the cost of subtitles