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Web video

Web video is the best way how to start video production in your company.

For web videos a lower resolution is sufficient (gradually 400×300 dpi is being set as standard). If you would like to assign another resolution, please keep in mind that excessive resolution requirements are unnecessary for the use on the internet and they would significantly increase the price of a more work-demanding video production. The resulting web video size usually does not exceed 20 megabytes.

During the design and creation of a script for video, please keep in mind that the target audience watching the web videos has its own specifics. Therefore, we suggest not to underestimate the preparatory phase and to consult properly.

Important aspect of the realization of the video is to incorporate the graphic elements that maintain the same design of your web site and corporate presentations.

When implementing web videos to your company’s web site it is necessary for the submitter to mind out that a video begins playing in a separate (new) window. Very useful is to place a separate link that is used for downloading directly from your web page. Do not forget that even a video is your advertisement!

For a demanding video production, such as the TV spot, it is certainly worth considering to let us modify the original format to use also on the internet and implement a TV spot as a form of presentation on the initial web-site.

A special form to use a video embedded to web pages is the usage of a web-video moderator.